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Epic Implemetation

Epic Implementation

An Epic implementation, within a single hospital or across multiple sites, is usually the largest endeavor that an organization will take on.

To ensure a smooth Epic implementation, iPartner will work with your team to review and manage operational risks within your IT program. Engaging as early as the project planning phase, iPartner will collaborate with you to identify potential problem areas, in order to mitigate possible risks by setting accurate expectations and defining change management processes. We will incorporate mitigation strategies into the project plan, monitor risks during each phase of the implementation, and establish communication processes for making the appropriate adjustments.

Because implementations have many working parts, it is critical to have a streamlined process that is effectively communicated and executed. iPartner's representatives will fully immerse themselves in the project to ensure collaboration while tracking your implementation.

Key steps in iPartner's Epic Implementation plan include:

Establish an Effective Epic Implementation Team

The right resources at the right time assure implementation and long-term EHR success.

Establish and Communicate Epic EHR Goals and Priorities

Establish an organization-wide vision to promote the value and objectives of the Epic implementation, both immediate and long-term, and communicate that vision for full organizational support.

Establish Epic Implementation Strategies

Make the most of lessons learned from similar organizations, determine the different phases of implementation, clearly define scope and budget, and create an achievable implementation timeline, without jeopardizing success.

Establish Governance

A mix of resources, including Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and key users, must be involved in the various implementation phases, in order to identify key planning issues.

Vendor Planning Meetings

Create an alliance with Epic to support the organization's goals and approach using milestones, internal resources, external resources, and the resources of the Epic implementation team to ensure project success.

Detailed Epic Implementation Plan Document

Document the detailed list of implementation phases that are the responsibilities of both the organization's Epic implementation team and the vendor's team, and establish benchmarks to measure project success.

iPartner is able to provide all of the following teams as needed during an Epic project:
  • Advisory Services - project planning, discovery, scope development, timeline, resource allocation, budget development
  • Implementation Services
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Revenue Cycle Enhancement
  • Application & Integrated Testing
  • Interface & Interoperability
  • Training & Adoption
  • Activation/Go-Live Support
  • Community Outreach
  • Data Migration
  • Epic Service Desk
  • Optimization
  • Legacy Support