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Tableau Desktop, Server Training 9.2 Ver -iPartner

Tableau Desktop, Server Training 9.2 Ver

  1. Tableau Desktop, Server Training 9.2 Ver
40 hr / 747*
(* including all taxes.)

Key Features

Course Agenda

  • Introduction to Data Visualization, Elements of Visualization, Dashboards, Tableau Desktop, Server and the Tableau Product Line, Application Terminology, Visual Cues for Fields, Connecting to data – Basics, Connecting to Excel, Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, Line Chart, Multi Line Chart, Area Chart.
  • Pie Chart, Scatter Plot, Trend Lines, Filled Map, Symbol Map, Forecasting, Word Cloud, Tree map, Packed Bubble, Dual Line Chart, Histogram, Side by Side Bar Chart, Highlight Table, Grand Totals, Cross tab, Normal Tables, Multi measure Tables.
  • Joining Conditions, Multi Table joins
  • Duplicating Columns, Renaming Columns, Aliases, Creating Calculated Fields, Default Aggregation, Comments, Data type conversion.
  • Creating Hierarchy, Creating Static Groups, Using Functions in creating groups.
    Sorting Options in Tableau, Combined fields to sort multi dimension graph, Sorting Priorities.
  • Dual Line Charts, Side by Side Bar Chart, Use of Measure name and Measure Values, Multiline Chart, Donut Chart, Pie Chart and Map, Donut Chart and Map.
  • Single Axis Histogram, Dual Axis Histogram.
  • Pareto Chart
  • Motion Chart
  • Funnel Chart
  • Waterfall Chart
  • Box Plot
  • Explian Sets
  • String Calculated Fields
  • Date Calculated Fields

  • What if Analysis, Parameters to Select Columns, Parameters to Select Charts
  • Filter Actions, URL Actions.
  • Dashboard Alignments, Dashboard Formatting, Containers.
  • Dashboard Actions, Navigations
  • Tableau Products
  • Tableau public Features
  • Tableau Desktop personal features
  • Tableau Desktop professional feature
  • Tableau Server Feature
  • Tableau File System
  • Tableau Working
  • Tableau Server Architecture
  • Live Connection
  • Data Extract Connection
  • Comparison of Live And Extract connection
  • Ways to Share Dashboard Offline
  • How to Combine Data from different Data sources
  • How to define relationship between different data sources
  • What is Tableau?
  • Overview of Tableau Desktop
  • Understanding Tableau Server
  • Installation and Configuration processes

  • Explain Dashboards editing on Server, Creating User, Understanding Roles of Different User, Schedules, Tasks, Status, and Settings.
  • Scheduling a dashboard
  • Explain access and rules
  • Share a dashboard to other developer
  • Migrate dashboard from one place to other.
  • Users to Server web interface
  • Sites, Projects and User Creation
  • Creation of Projects, Sites, Users,
  • Site Users and publishing a workbook under projects and carry out maintenance activities
  • Learning how to reconfigure the Tableau server and introducing various Tableau Server Processes
  • Interactive dashboard creation
  • Publishing dashboards to the server and interacting with the dashboard on the server.
  • Understanding Dashboard Navigation on the server and features of Web Server Interface
  • User groups and permissions creation
  • Applying permissions on workbooks and projects
  • Create customized views using ‘Remember my changes’ options on Tableau

Learn & Get

  • Understand the basics of Android, its Architecture and Android App Market
  • Gain in-depth understating of how Android components, Application Lifecycle Resources
  • Learn how to create various Layouts and Menus in Android
  • Create Applications using SQLite Database
  • Developing data storage, Creating Content Provider, Google Maps API V2, Multimedia and Animation, App Exporting
  • 70% of extensive learning through Hands-on exercises , Project Work , Assignments and Quizzes

Payment Method

You need to pay through PayPal. We accept both Debit and Credit Card for transaction.
We subsidize our fees by 10% for military personnel, and college students with exceptional records. To apply for a scholarship, email
In our iPartner self-paced training program, you will receive the training assessments, recorded sessions, course materials, Quizzes, related softwares and assignments. The courses are designed in such a way that you will the get real world exposure; the solid understanding of every concept that allows you to get the most from the online training experience and you will be able to apply the information and skills in the workplace. After the successful completion of your training program, you can take quizzes which enable you to check your level of knowledge and also enables you to clear your relevant certification at higher marks/grade where you will be able to work on the technologies independently.
In Self-paced courses, the learners are able to conduct hands-on exercises and produce learning deliverables entirely on their own at any convenient time without a facilitator whereas in the Online training courses, a facilitator will be available for answering queries at a specific time to be dedicated for learning. During your self-paced learning, you can learn more effectively when you interact with the content that is presented and a great way to facilitate this is through review questions and quizzes that strengthen key concepts. In case if you face any unexpected challenges while learning, we will arrange a live class with our trainer.
All Courses from iPartner are highly interactive to provide good exposure to learners and gives them a real time experience. You can learn only at a time where there are no distractions, which leads to effective learning. The costs of self-paced training are 75% cheaper than the online training. You will offer lifetime access hence you can refer it anytime during your project work or job.
Yes, at the top of the page of course details you can see sample videos.
As soon as you enroll to the course, your LMS (The Learning Management System) Access will be Functional. You will immediately get access to our course content in the form of a complete set of previous class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, assignments and access to our 24*7 support team. You can start learning right away.
24/7 access to video tutorials and Email Support along with online interactive session support with trainer for issue resolving.
Yes, You can pay difference amount between Online training and Self-paced course and you can be enrolled in next online training batch.
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We will provide you the links of the software to download which are open source and for proprietary tools, we will provide you the trail version if available.
You will have to work on a training project towards the end of the course. This will help you understand how the different components of courses are related to each other.
Classes are conducted via LIVE Video Streaming, where you get a chance to meet the instructor by speaking, chatting and sharing your screen. You will always have the access to videos and PPT. This would give you a clear insight about how the classes are conducted, quality of instructors and the level of Interaction in the class.
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